15 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

by Raymond Barrett

Flowers provide the life, color and aroma to a wedding, Mesmerizing bouquets and creative centerpieces can easily convert a wedding location into a floral paradise. The success of a wedding arrangement depends on how earnestly you consider your wedding flower arrangements. You should however, ensure to avoid common flower mistakes that can turn your dream wedding into a disaster.

Top 15 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

Not envisioning the overall look

Most couples tend to approach the flower selection in isolation, and do not match it with the wedding theme or the backdrop of the venue. Venues that are set in a natural backdrop should be decorated with flowers to complement the nature and time of the wedding. Hence, it is imperative to envision the overall picture and blend the floral arrangements with the venue setting.

Not coordinating flowers with wedding essentials

Flowers are meant to complement the overall aesthetics of the wedding location. Similarly, the color scheme of the flowers should be done with the colors of the linen, walls and the furniture at the wedding location. For instance, your centerpieces should match the color of the linen on your tables.

Ineffective communication with the florist

A florist can bring your vision to life only if you convey your likes and dislikes to him in a clear and concise manner. It is important to do some homework by selecting pictures of floral arrangements that you prefer for your venue. Your preference of the nature, variety and color of wedding flowers should be conveyed to the florist effectively and elaborately.

Not allowing a free-hand to the florist

Florists are artists who can convert your dull ballroom into a lush paradise. They can easily grasp your idea, and churn something more beautiful than you would have ever imagined. It is therefore, important to allow him a free-hand in making substitutions on the size, nature and variety of floral decorations.

Rigidity in flower selection

Certain couples set their hearts on a specific variety and color of flower, and refuse to compromise to the suggestions of the florist. Incorrect selection of flowers can ruin the overall look of your D-day. You should therefore, shun rigidity, and agree with some substitutions of the florist.

Not booking your florist on time

The choice of a florist is a vital aspect of the planning stage of your wedding. Booking a florist at an early stage can help you negotiate with various vendors, have a mix of ideas provided by different experts, and choose the right expert who can match your ideas and thoughts with your budget.

Not utilizing the flowers economically

A floral designer can arrange the same set of flowers differently to match various occasions. You can talk to your florist to use the flowers decorated at the wedding venue for the reception as well. This optimal utilization can accommodate your budget, and prevent wastage of beautiful blooms.

Not using expensive blooms

Ruling out expensive flowers at the outset can be a grave blunder. You can talk to your florist to work within your budget, and allow them to make appropriate selections. Some costly blooms can be large in size, and your florist can fit a set of expensive blooms with numerous small inexpensive flowers.

Not mixing colors

A single color can actually mess up the overall look and feel of your wedding venue. The choice of flowers should be done with an accent shade to match and contrast the color theme of your wedding. Contrasting colors enhance the outcome of the wedding photographs.

Choice of inappropriate flowers

The list of your favorite flowers might include hyacinths, lilac or gardenias, but adding such strongly scented flowers to your centerpieces can cause headaches, aggravate allergies for most of your guests. Restrict the use of highly fragrant flowers to your bridal bouquet or at the altar.

Similarly, certain flowers can stain the dresses of your guests or spoil your expensive wedding gown. It is better to avoid such blooms can create havoc at the venue.

Ignoring proper flower care

Every flower had different care needs and carry a certain lifespan after being arranged. It is important to talk to your florist about the specific flower care that is required after arrangement at the venue. Not keeping the flowers hydrated, or exposing them to extreme heat, can spell disaster for your wedding decorations.

Ordering the wedding flowers very late

Certain wedding flowers need to be procured from distant places. The procurement of some flowers needs as much as two months. Prior ordering can also help your florist order flowers at budgeted rates and avoid the last minute hiked rates.

Not caring about the size of the bouquet

Many brides prefer oversized bouquets and consider them to be impressive and elegant. However, you should keep in mind that it is difficult to carry oversized long period. Moreover, they can also off-set the aesthetic appeal of your dress. The choice of a bouquet should be done after considering the comfort, size and visual appeal of the overall look.

Not budgeting for wedding flowers

Wedding flowers are the main determinant of the beauty of your venue. Hence, it is important to factor the costs of flowers and floral arrangements into your wedding planning process at the outset. Flowers can in fact, occupy a significant part of your budget.

Exhausting yourself by too much of the DIY

Doing everything yourself can be a good idea to keep expenses within budget. However, the amount of time and effort involved in arranging everything can tire you, making it impossible to enjoy your own wedding. Moreover, professional florists can help you procure at cheaper rates than you can through your DIY efforts.


Flowers can boost the overall mood at the wedding venue, and assist in blending other decorations with the occasion. You can provide an impetus to this special day by providing extra care to the delicate aspect of floral arrangements.


Written by Michelle, a wedding planner from Australia in behalf of Flowerbasket

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