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Marriage surviving Parenthood

Surviving The First Year Of Parenthood by Sarah Hammond   When a couple discovers that they are expecting their first child, they know (hopefully) that they are in for some tremendous changes. This is the case no matter their age, no matter the size of their home or their income, and no matter how long […]

What is Marriage?

By Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator Do you ever forget amidst all the fighting, stress, nagging, silent treatment, and roommate type love we sometimes go through as we work our way through life the question: What is Marriage? Well, sometimes a sweet child and a furry monster can make the complicated quite simple actually. We CAN make […]

Attachment Parenting

There’s one thing you should never attach yourself to… By Kate Wicker Yes, I’ve seen the cover and the controversy it’s stirred up. My inbox is very full. No, I haven’t read the articles. I’m not sure I’m going to. That might seem like a cop out. Maybe it is. But I’ve just returned from […]

Raising Children Appreciatively

Every Child Should Be Heard: I am grateful for their voices by Kelly Dolin Our day was to begin early, so we set the alarm clock for 4:30. We didn’t need to bother. At 4:30 on the nose, two-year-old Ainsley careened into our room wailing, wailing, wailing. “What’s the matter, sunshine,” I asked, trying in […]

Anniversary Check In

By, Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator   We are about to enter a very popular season for wedding anniversaries.  Weddings peak around May through September. So, you could be finding yourself in a place thinking about how to mark a very special, and often sacred, anniversary. While we will discuss anniversaries more in the coming […]

Mother’s Day

By Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator   It is so interesting to talk to other mothers and see what makes their Mother’s Day special. Often, I find that the gifts that mean the most for moms fall into two categories – presence and absence. Presence (as in being present, not getting a present) can come […]

Birth Control or Family Planning?

By Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator This is part of a series on intimacy and communication. To start from the beginning, click here. Part II: here Part III: here. Part IV: here. As my husband and I started to discover we had intimacy issues (ones we never knew were there!) and were not communicating as […]

Break Time – Outlets for Women

By Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator In order to be able to give to your spouse, you also need to be able to give to yourself. Women especially put their creative interests on the back burner for their families and their spouses in order to survive a week working at the office and managing the […]

Book Review – The High Conflict Couple

By Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator Sometimes as a couple we are equally driven to make the needed changes that will improve our relationship. We start off full force, determined to get things done.  But, then we hit emotional wall after emotional wall, and our progress begins to slow down. We may even stall. If […]

How to help my child who has Autism?

Introduction by Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator Another powerful force in a marriage is that of your child(ren). No matter how many you have, it becomes hard for you to find balance in your relationship for them and for your spouse. It gets even more difficult if you have a child with special needs. Raymond […]

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