Fifteen Cost Effective Honeymoon Ideas

by Raymond Barrett

From intimate meals to luxurious accommodation and days at the spa; these are some of the aspects that top the list of things to do for honeymooners. As much as everyone would like to spend without restrictions, not everyone can enjoy unlimited spending.

So, how does one enjoy am amazing honeymoon at a low cost?
After the engagement, start planning immediately if you want to enjoy a luxurious but affordable honeymoon.
Using a travel agent
In today’s technological age, it is quite easy to find and book flights and hotel reservations. This makes most people overlook the benefits of using a travel agent. It is possible for a couple can save money through a travel agent. This is especially ideal for individuals who are clueless when it comes to the best and affordable honeymoon destinations. However, if a couple has a specific destination in mind, they can forgo the travel agent service and just make arrangements by themselves.
Starting a honeymoon registry
Gifts are a wedding attending tradition. Most of the guests shop from the couple’s wedding registry. If you find traditional gift items overrated, you can create a honeymoon registry where you can have the guests pay for your honeymoon holiday in the place of the conventional wedding gifts. There are sites that offer honeymoon registries for a percentage of the honeymoon gift package. There are also honeymoon resorts that offer honeymoon registries where you can easily register.
Picking the destination
Couples need to keep an open mind when they are choosing honeymoon destinations. This ensures they do not make hasty decisions but instead take their time to weight the pros and cons before deciding.


Taking advantage of the shoulder season
All holiday destinations have low and high seasons. The balance between high and low season is referred to as the shoulder season. This is when you can get affordable holiday rates as the demand for destinations is moderate and the weather is still enjoyable.


Considering dollar deflation 
It is easy for currency exchange to affect your budget. It is important to consider destination where you can enjoy value for your money.


Considering all-inclusive packages
When you go for an all-inclusive honeymoon, you will be able to estimate how much you expect to spend. Consider other factors that may not be included in the package for a clearer estimate.


Choosing hotel rooms
Go for no-view rooms
For affordable hotel room rates, consider going for rooms with little or no view as this can decrease your hotel rates tremendously.
Before settling on a hotel package, look closer to ensure it saves you money. Look for discounted rates on days on accommodation.
Let them know you just got married
Most hotels will offer great deals for honeymooners, ensure you use this as much as possible when making bookings.
Food plays a vital role in any honeymoon. A I found this article that can be used as a guide book can help in this aspect.
Eat out more
While eating at your hotel may seem convenient, it may come at a higher cost.
Ask the locals 
Chat with the locals butchers, bakers or fishmongers to learn of the best yet affordable places to dine.
Making your own meals 
A couple can make their own meals every one in a while. Create a meal and enjoy time together on a picnic. This saves on money and you get to enjoy quality time together.


Transportation considerations
This can be the expensive part of your honeymoon. But you can also save on transportation.

Using frequent flier miles 
If a couple has charged expenses on their wedding, their honeymoon presents a perfect time to cash-in on their credit card bonus points. The best way to cash in is to get free air-fair. Incase the points balance is not enough to cater for the whole cost, it is easy to change from coach to first class. This ensures the couple flies to and from their honeymoon in style.
Flying off peak
Choose to fly on the days when the flight fares are lower. Domestic flights are most affordable on Sundays while flying abroad would be most affordable on the first two days of the week. It is good to subscribe to major airlines’ websites like Virgin‘s for example, to receive info on discounted flights. It may sometimes be cheaper
Enjoying airport pick-ups
There are some hotels in numerous destinations that offer transportation from the airport as part of the hotel package. If you have to take a taxi, try and find the legitimate ones with running meters.
Using public means
It is ideal to use mass transit as much as you can. The only other alternative is car rental which is not always cheap. Take time to familiarize yourself with the transport modes most ideal for honeymooners.

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