Refresh and Bless

by beccar

By Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator


This week in reading my “Daily Word” I came upon two themes – “refresh” and “heart blessing”. It’s funny, some ladies I know (and me too) are reading a book called Captivating that helps women spiritually heal and embrace ourselves as beautiful expressions of God, and the themes were there too! What a gift to our relationships if we can choose to take care ourselves, refresh our spirits, and bless others with our hearts.

Here are some thoughts on both that inspired me (and lately, there have been things in my own life, or those closest to me, that seem to keep getting the same type of messages over and over. I think He is trying to tell me something!):


~ “Today I may feel a desire for a fresh outlook on life; to adopt new healthful habits or rekindle a relationship. Renewal can take place in ways that hold the prospect of greater strength and vibrance. As I commit to seeing someone or something in a new way – honoring myself by doing whatever nurtures my mind and body or sharing time with a special someone – I am replenished in mind, body, and soul….my spiritual rejuvenation is a celebration of God’s presence within me…I honor my worth. I meditate in a peaceful silence… or music, or the sounds of nature.”

To me that says, I’m worth it. I need to CHOOSE to adopt new ways of feeling and thinking. Feelings are a choice, and if they are bringing me down, I need to risk the pain and make the choice to open myself to God, or the universe, the Spirit….to what renews me. Release it and free myself. In doing so I honor myself, even if others do not honor me. And, God’s presence in me strengthens me. People let us down. Many times or always….but God does not. He is the strength that holds us up – He is in the words or actions of others that give us peace – He is always there knocking, waiting to be let in – not barging in to save us (idea from the book Captivating). When I feel refreshed and renewed, it is God within me, feeding me in ways no person EVER can.

heart blessing
~ “As strong and reliable as my heart is, my feelings have an incredible impact on it…my heart is a physical expression of my consciousness. When I feel positive…this organ is calm. It relates with mind and body in healthy, renewing ways. My love and intuition are heart-connected. And so I practice loving, positive thinking, and acting. I forgive others, and I also forgive myself. I give myself expression to the love of God within me. With each thought and action, I bless my heart and, at the same time, I am also blessing others in a heartfelt way.”

Again, I feel moved to a choice. A choice to find the positive whenever I feel personally insecure (which is a lot!!), troubled, stressed, alone. I need to find a way to practice love of myself and my thoughts, because my thoughts are what get me in TROUBLE (“so and so must think _____ of me”, “Oh! I made him so mad” or “She thinks I’m so spoiled/clueless/silly”)! When I can manage that (so easier said than done!) I am letting myself feel what God always feels…love for ME. I give his love expression. He wants to forgive me, so I need to give myself the same break! I need to show my worth, my beauty, show how captivating I am.

In do all the above, I can give more in my relationships and my marriage. You can do it too. Share with us how you refresh and bless others with your heart!

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