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Dealing with Jealousy

Curated by Rebecca J. Rose, Website Editor     Jealousy in marriage can be a real relationship killer and is one of those common marriage problems that needs resolution. Feelings of jealousy can develop and escalate making you question everything your partner thinks, says and does. Unresolved and unchecked jealousy can develop into a long-term vendetta. […]

Marriage surviving Parenthood

Surviving The First Year Of Parenthood by Sarah Hammond   When a couple discovers that they are expecting their first child, they know (hopefully) that they are in for some tremendous changes. This is the case no matter their age, no matter the size of their home or their income, and no matter how long […]

Writing your Feelings

By Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator How Journaling Helps Me in Every Aspect Of My Life. Right now, I’m taking “me” time. Today is a summer camp day and I don’t have to be in the carpool line as early as usual. Instead I have another hour to sit here at the computer, on my […]


The Danger of Sarcasm In Your Relationship By, Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator When I’m stressed, I jest. It’s a coping mechanism. And honestly, it works for me – if you can laugh about a situation, all of the sudden it is not overwhelming anymore. The load is a little lighter. Recently – my sarcasm […]

Looking for Marriage Tools – The “Before”

By Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator Sometimes marriage overwhelms us. We find ourselves drowning.  It can be overwhelming.  Below is a  letter from someone was was drowning, looking to find marriage tools. Could this be you? Are you willing to get your marriage back on the road to recovery? Could this be your own letter? […]

Family Planning versus Birth Control

By, Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator This is part of a series on intimacy and communication. To start from the beginning, click here. Part II: here Part III: here. Part IV: here. Part V: here. This cartoon catches your attention – eh? HA! So began my husband’s and my journey to learning about family planning […]

Why Did You Get Married?

By Rebecca J. Rose, Website Curator Recently, I briefly curated a new marriage study and commented on the demise of marriage thanks to The Hollywood Standard. When confronted with so many modern studies, notions, and trends – why do we still bother with marriage? Media would make you believe that it is an antiquated notion […]

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